The Fantasy Life


High School: The Leaders

When it comes to the romanticised image of the anime school girl, no real-life group captures it quite like The Leaders, a group of dancers and singers known for performing in school uniforms.


4 Things You Can Do as a University Student in Japan

When we’re in university, we can explore everything the world has to offer—the world is our oyster! So here’s a rundown of some of the joys of student life in Japan.


Work: Corporate Kawaii

Whether it’s the SFX tangerine heels, the baroque stationery-inspired nails or the circa 1996 retro stylings of Tokyo Keyboard—The COMM knows how to put the kawaii in corporate. Antithesis? This is pure synthesis!


Work: Fashion Police

Is the cultural disregard for conventional rules of style a part of what makes Japanese street fashion so revolutionary and compelling? Or is it a part of what encourages fashion crimes of the highest order and inevitable run-ins with the law? Enter: Officer Choom. She’s sworn to uphold only one law—the most important law of all—total fashion freedom!


Werking Girl

She might not fit in with the other uniform-clad workers, but she sure knows how to handle her business.


Work: The Office

Spend some time at The COMM where social awkwardness is a given, petty details are ubiquitous, and self-importance rules the day. Let the hijinks begin!


Where to Shop: Slice of Life

Finding cute workwear can be one of the most daunting tasks of all. But no worries, The COMM has been on the case and we’ve found four Tokyo retailers who are making it a breeze to find clothes that are fashionable and appropriate.