The Double Life


Work: Double Life

With the backdrop of Harajuku, everybody’s weekend destination, we capture the essence of “the double life”.


High School: Gyaru

At school, this look definitely goes against the dress code with most students being made to dye their hair black, wear no makeup, and dress modestly. But even in the uniform-loving country of Japan, these girls have found a way to express themselves!


University: Shūkatsu

We interviewed Japanese university student Mirei about the shūkatsu process and her thoughts on the future of fashion in corporate Japan.


Creative Entrepe
-neurship in Japan

Jimi provides an insight on the current corporate landscape of professional creatives—and crucially, how it will impact the futures of young people.


Hangouts: Slice of Life

Are you looking for somewhere to work besides your apartment or library? Tokyo offers many great, alternative spots to work, but they can be quite difficult to find.