part two

Alternative Pink

Boys in Pink

Pink is one of the few colours that is heavily associated with gender. While it may represent all things cute, who says that cute things have to be limited to girls? And who says pink can’t be incorporated into different styles, like punk? Or streetwear? Get with the times people: boys wear pink!


Take a bit of Dolly, a lot of Pepto-Bismol-pink, a touch of analogue, and a dash of glitter—what do you get? A whole new kind of country!

Pink Punk

Using Shinjuku’s backstreets to set the scene, Yuki Yoshida imagines a pink accented by a grimy and industrial backdrop. Acid green and slicked to the nines; here stands a rebel in the making—but with soft, dreamy lighting and powder pink accents! Who says pink can’t be punk?

Wearing Maia

Wearing Maia’s aesthetic is like an Andy Warhol collaboration with aliens who see the world in pastels! This brand is unique not just because of its quirky designs—every garment is made from limited edition fabrics, making every piece a one of a kind.


For some pink is not just a colour—it’s a feeling that transcends words and worlds. Meru projects a strong angelic image and through her vintage style and goddess-like grace, she offers us the pinkest and dopest of hopes.

5 influencers in pink
Where to Shop: Pink

Whether you’re looking for something adorable, something edgy, something vintage or something minimalist, Tokyo—and The COMM!—have got you covered. Let’s explore PINK in the city, shall we?