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Traditional Pink

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Get The Look: Pink

Looking to incorporate more pink into your look, but not ready to commit to a completely pink outfit? Start off with some fun accessories! While I’m always a fan of monochromatic head-to-toe pink, sometimes accessories can add that splash of pink you need to take your outfit to the next level.

Think Pink!

Think pink! Think pink! When you shop for summer clothes. Think pink! Think pink! If you want that quelque chose.


Ebony is a perfect example of the unique and creative Japanese street style fashionistas we aim to show off at The COMM. Hailing originally from NYC but now residing in Tokyo, Ebony combines New York cool with Tokyo kawaii. Much like My Melody and her counterpart, Kuromi, Ebony rocks punk just as well as she rocks pink!


Kari doesn’t adhere to the conventional fashion dos and don’ts. There may be a whole spectrum of colours in the rainbow, but for her there is only one… pink!


An exclusive event? A brand new café? A fresh photospot? If it’s in Tokyo, then you can bet that Sarah will be there!


Spank!—Welcome to the shop where time stood still. “When did it stop?” you ask? We’ll give you a clue: Madonna, Back to the Future, and mixtapes! That’s right, it’s the 80s!

Hangouts: Pink

Hailing from the Kawaii Kingdom of Rainbows and Unicorns, model and influencer Seannyboy808 (aka Seannicorn, or Sean) plays with colour, texture, and gender—have you seen his fabulous pink hair!?

Suzune + Ayane

If you’re looking for the quintessential Harajuku look, search no further than the twins Suzune and Ayane! From first sight you’re met with an explosion of bright colours and all things kawaii. Their styles are totally colourful and girly, and they often wear matching co-ords!