6%DOKIDOKI x Pullip Doll

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, iconic Harajuku fashion powerhouse 6%DOKIDOKI, has teamed up with doll brand Pullip for a sickeningly sweet limited edition Doki Doki doll!

The Doki Doki Pullip doll includes Pullip’s trademark movable eyes, but looks just like 6%DOKIDOKI shop staff! We’re talking colourful brows, blue and yellow, braided space buns, and rainbow coloured, knee-length braids topped off with a pink, plastic bow. Accessories include a spiky, pink choker and logo necklace. In typical 6%DOKIDOKI fashion, her outfit is all about the layering. A rainbow crop top is layered with a neon pink, net top and topped off with a fur-trimmed jacket covered in Sebastian Masuda’s signature pop, flat-lay prints. And that’s just the top half!



The bottom consists of yellow and pink printed shorts overlayed with a pink plastic skirt and rainbow-striped knee-high socks, fluffy legwarmers, and platforms. She’s ready for all seasons!

Feeling jealous yet? Well, you shouldn’t be! The Doki Doki doll is extra special because her clothes are smaller versions of actual pieces you can buy for yourself at 6%DOKIDOKI!

The Doki Doki Pullip is available online at 6%DOKIDOKI but stock is limited so she can be yours if you have a spare ¥23,500 (or £150) lying around!



Written by Emmie.
Images courtesy of 6%DOKIDOKI.

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