Zozoglass: Make-up Matching 2.0

Another step forward in fashion tech! Retailers have been discovering more and more ways to reach their customers with this new remote world we are living in. Online shopping for clothes and daily necessities was pretty much the norm before the Pandemic, but buying cosmetics online was still rather tricky. Well, that’s no longer a problem! Online retailer Zozotown (the Japanese version of Amazon but for fashion) has just launched Zozoglass, a pair of glasses made specifically for buying make-up online.


Image courtesy of My Navi.

These high-tech glasses measure your skin tone so that you can match online swatches to your skin tone. No need to leave the comfort of your home to get that Fenty skin! All you have to do is download the Zozotown app and scan your face while wearing the glasses. Then, it can select make-up that suits your skin tone. You can view the final look with the Zozotown app via the augmented reality function. The glasses will initially only focus on products like foundation, but will soon be able to recommend any type of cosmetic product.

While the glasses themselves aren’t very fashionable, they’re certainly useful and you can get your hands on them from March. And this isn’t even the first Zozotown venture that aims to improve your online shopping experience. Other products include the Zozomat and Zozosuit which measure your feet and body.

So, what do you think is the next innovation in fashion technology?


Image courtesy of Zozo.

Written by Choom.
Featured image courtesy of Pixo Range.

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