YunNon, Osaka’s Twin Fashionistas

17-year-old twins Yun and Non are Osaka’s osoroi fashionistas. From their shared love for platform shoes, fun trips to Tokyo and amusement parks—the twins are inseparable. In their signature colours of pink and blue, this pair are always fun and on trend! We sat down with the YunNon twins to talk about the importance of fashion and family, inspirations, and having fun together.


Please introduce yourselves.

We are 17-year-old real-life twins 💖💙 Yun wears pink and Non wears blue.

You are both from Osaka! Can you recommend something exciting and fun to do in Osaka?

There’s a colourful cafe called Pink Kawaii jam-packed with kawaii things from Japan. The food is super colourful and the staff are kawaii! It’s a place we love and often go to! 💖

What are your favourite activities to do together?

Instagram! We mainly post fashion and kawaii things on Instagram 🌈 We have made friends that we would never have met in everyday life. We’ve learnt about new things and places, and it is vital to us!



Your outfits are colourful, trendy, and always matching. What is the most fun about dressing up with your twin?

The most exciting thing about twinning with my sister is figuring out which colour palettes make us look cute together, and being able to express cuteness in a way that can only be done with twinning. The simple act of putting different colourways of the same piece next to each other makes it more exciting! 💖💙It’s fun to go shopping for matching looks, to discover colours and shapes that we both want!

Does fashion play an important role in your family? What do your parents think of your style?

Our parents are very understanding about our style! ✨ We’ve always been a family that loves Disney and colour. They follow our Instagram too, and our mother even goes shopping with us. She picks out clothes for us and we go to SPIRAL, a toy shop in Harajuku. We ask her for help whenever we have a problem with our outfits.

Do you feel like fashion helps you to connect better with who you are and the people around you?

It’s very useful for that! It’s great that we love fashion and it’s one of the most important hobbies in our lives. We’ve made really significant connections through fashion and we will cherish them forever 🌈 💖



Tell us a bit more about your Peco, your style inspiration.

If it wasn’t for Peco, we wouldn’t be where we are right now—that’s how important she’s been to us 💜 She’s the reason we started an Instagram account. We have so much respect for her fashion, lifestyle and work. We have always admired her. We are always referencing her style, and we shop at Peco’s brand, PECOCLUB, a lot.

Your looks are amazing! What is your secret?

We don’t really have a secret. If anything, we’re short, so we try to look as tall as possible! We wear platforms and we’re very particular about the length of our skirts. We also put together our looks knowing that the colours have to look good next to each other ❣️

From your hair to your clothes and nails, your signature colours are always pink and blue. How did you decide who would wear which?

Our ballet teacher couldn’t tell the difference between us so she asked us to wear different colours when we started dancing at the age of three. We liked Aurora and Cinderella so we picked pink and blue We still like Aurora and Cinderella, and we have been dressing that way for 14 years 💖💙

What are your strengths when it comes to putting together a co-ord?

It’s hard to say what our strengths are, but the most important thing is that we are real twins twinning! Being able to think as a pair is also a strength unique to twins. We are very particular about colours, so our strength is that we always incorporate pink and blue in our looks 💖💙



What have been your favourite matching looks?

We love all the outfits we post on Instagram, so we can’t pick a favourite. But, we always try to step up our looks whenever we go to Harajuku 💜💜 Basically, we like outfits that incorporate pink or blue 🧁

You two are currently working at Wego, you have a huge social media following, and even have your “Sweet Twins” T-shirts for sale! What are the most important things you have learnt about yourselves through fashion?

Our interest in fashion has given us a clear idea of what we want to do in the future and what our dreams are. We have met a lot of people and a lot of our dreams have come true. Dressing alike has become a strength! We’ve learnt that you can get closer to your dreams by being consistent about following your passion and that it is important to connect with people ✨

What are your future goals and dreams?

We want to launch a brand for twin co-ords and publish a style book. Our ultimate dream right now is to be all over TV and radio! ✨💙💖

Any last words?

Thank you for reading this far! 💙💖 We hope to see you again in the future ✨💜


Introduction and questions by Stefanie, interview translated by Anna.

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