writtenafterwards S/S 2020 Fashion Show

“Floating Nomad” was the theme of this season’s collection by Japanese brand writtenafterwards. The show was titled “After All” and it was the embodiment of a floating sensation achieved through the use of cloud-like cotton fabric and voluminous silhouettes, flowing freely and unbound. The collection was presented in the designer’s trademark colours of red, white, and black, chosen specifically to signify the influence of Shinto in the collection. A beautiful collaboration between Shinto practices and the natural element air made for an ethereal display.

Taking place in Ueno Park, the beginning of writtenafterwards’ collection coincided with the rising of the moon. Models paraded down the centre of a fountain, barefoot and shrouded in what appeared to be black, plastic bags. The music, at first eerie, was gradually drowned out by powerful gusts of wind.

The first third of the show was a wash of red, followed by black, and finally white. The models walked briskly, their garments catching the wind and floating down the runway. The looks were definitely avant-garde and not at all structural in their form. Head pieces were oversized, often obscuring the models’ vision, dresses fell in asymmetrical layers and sleeves were embellished with unexpected peek-a-boo patches. Accompanying the models were elemental monsters; one was a large dirty cloud and another a mixture of grass and mud. As well as being visually exciting, they were used to showcase the signature fabric of this season’s collection.

Shinto and nature, usually expressed with traditional patterns and floral prints respectively, were given new life through a cacophony of ruffles and layers upon layers of fabric. The collection was dramatic and experimental, and we cannot wait to see what the designer has in store next!



Written by Choom.
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