Work: The Office

What comes to mind when you imagine working in the fashion industry? Perhaps it is the office politics of the iconic fashion movie The Devil Wears Prada: the intimidating boss, the demands to be perfect, the reverence of the aesthetique…

Welcome to the office—COMM style! Here you’ll find absolutely no drama, no miscommunication, and no missed deadlines. After all, what could possibly go wrong when you bring together a ragtag team of editors, writers, and everything else in between, all wrapped up in the ego of the fashionable?? Spend some time at The COMM where social awkwardness is a given, petty details are ubiquitous, and self-importance rules the day. Let the hijinks begin!



Models: @anna.boat.prem @ecrecrecre @gaeruchan @angelina.miskina @kayknofi @lin_a_sarhan @vanwidih @takadashka
Photographer: @debysucha
Photo editing:
Shoot Direction:

Written by Kay.

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