Work: Fashion Police

We’ve all heard of classic fashion faux pas like wearing socks with sandals, styling pink with red, and Crocs. If the Fashion Police came to Harajuku, chances are they’d be horrified by what they saw. Clashing patterns and textures, a disregard for current trends, and not “dressing one’s age” are but a few examples. Is the cultural disregard for conventional rules of style a part of what makes Japanese street fashion so revolutionary and compelling? Or is it a part of what encourages fashion crimes of the highest order and inevitable run-ins with the law? Enter: Officer Choom. She’s sworn to uphold only one law—the most important law of all—total fashion freedom! Watch her in vinyl-clad action in the gallery above.


Location: Harajuku
Models: @sizusizurun @ichigo____15 @ruyyajk @ui_830 @yumehara_0210 @bigma_n
Shoot Direction:
Assistance: @anna.boat.prem

Written by Cora.

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