Work: Corporate Kawaii

Kawaii fashion is probably the last thing that comes to mind when one hears the word “corporate”. With the requisite neutral colours, work-appropriate hairstyles, and an emphasis on professionalism, the corporate world can seem like the antithesis to everything that is cute. But all is not lost! Whether it’s the SFX tangerine heels, the baroque stationery-inspired nails or the circa 1996 retro stylings of Tokyo Keyboard—The COMM knows how to put the kawaii in corporate. Antithesis? This is pure synthesis! Scroll through the shoot below to get the full Corporate Kawaii experience.



Location: The Hive Jinnan
Model: @goooonpippi
Photographer: @misa_kusakabe
Shoot Direction:
Model wears: @narinascreations @holycrap_shoes
Custom keyboards: @tyokbd

Written by Katie.

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