Who Killed Harajuku?

21:00 Yoyogi Park

A Detective approaches a crime scene. She inspects the evidence left by the victim. The Coroner takes pictures of the scene and informs The Detective, “Harajuku is Dead”. “Cause of death?”, asked The Detective. “No more cool kids.”

03:00 Shibuya Police Station

The Detective pulls in four suspects for questioning. Social Media, Tourists, Fast Fashion, and The Fashion Rules (but she just goes by The Rules now). All four deny their involvement but show clear signs of a fight with the victim, Harajuku.

15:31 Shibuya Hospital

A mysterious pink Jane Doe lies in a hospital while a disgruntled nurse checks her vitals. The patient seemed to have gotten into a fight and survived by the skin of their teeth. Suddenly, she sits upright and runs out the door. The Nurse sighs and starts the paperwork.

16:54 Harajuku

Dazed and confused, she runs through the streets of Shibuya, making her way back home. She has completely changed from who she once was, and is almost unrecognisable to others in her new form. Harajuku never dies!




@lionlifts as The Detective as The Coroner
@nikyinlove as Social Media
@tokyokittendoll as Tourists
@usamisaura as Fast Fashion
@kalinlaw as The Rules
@pinktaho as Harajuku
@momo.hase as The Nurse

Shoot Direction:
Photographer: @spotles.minds
Videographer: @daily_i2019
Set design:
Makeup: @tokyo_lioness @zettaimuriii
Hair: @hamada_1207 @masak_jg
Assistance: @woonoow


Written by Choom.

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