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What do you think of when you hear the word “pink”? For us, our minds immediately go to “kawaii”. And then, from “kawaii” we go to “Tokyo fashion”… and then we go shopping! Tokyo truly is a haven for pink lovers. Not only are there many shops which cater to those afflicted with an addiction to the colour, but the shops also cater to the kind of pink you’re addicted to! Whether you’re looking for something adorable, something edgy, something vintage or something minimalist, Tokyo—and The COMM!—have got you covered. Let’s explore PINK in the city, shall we?

MILK, Harajuku

Founded in 1970 on the streets of Harajuku, MILK is one of the most trusted sources of delicate feminine apparel. If you’re after a more laid-back approach to pink, be sure to check it out! MILK is a fairly minimalist boutique: the exterior and interior being white with only a hint of frill (it’s Harajuku afterall, we do need some frills!).

MILK’s style is also a bit more mature than other stores. They have prints you wouldn’t expect to see in your typical lolita joint—think neon jellyfish and angels eating pizza. But make no mistake, this is a go-to shop for a soft, girly pink look. If you’re into silk culottes, fluffy coats with pom-poms or iridescent shell shaped bags, MILK will be paradise for you!


Image courtesy of MILK.


Image courtesy of Liz Lisa.

Liz Lisa, Shibuya 109

If you’ve never been to Shibuya 109, you’re in for a treat! Shibuya 109 is a TEN story shopping mall in the heart of Shibuya and it’s filled with kawaii clothing stores. If you’re looking for classically kawaii details such as ribbons, florals, and cupcakes, you’ve got to shop here!

One particularly kawaii shop in Shibuya 109 is Liz Lisa. The store’s concept is “retro girly”, which sums up kawaii when you think about it. Here you’ll find a myriad of pink clothing and accessories. Think phone cases with heart shaped mirrors and finger holders made of pearls! Indulge in your inner Alice (in Wonderland, that is) at this store, as you’re definitely going to want to host a tea party wearing one of the many pretty dresses on offer here!



Image courtesy of Listen Flavor.

Listen Flavor, Harajuku

If you like pink with a hint of darkness or edge, you should check out Listen Flavor. It’s one of the top shops in Tokyo for a more alternative approach to kawaii, stocking punk and fairy kei styles. You can certainly dress yourself head-to-toe in pink with all the accessories they have here! What’s more, for every pastel pink dress, t-shirt or bag, there’s a shadowy counterpart—perfect for mixing and matching! Take, for example, this gorgeous little sailor dress adorned with crosses—if you’re feeling cute that day, you can wear it in light pink. Or, if you’re feeling particularly devilish, opt for the black and red version.

Looking to roughen the edges of your look but remain cute and pink? This is the brand for you!



Image courtesy of KIKI2.

KIKI2, Koenji

Are you an avid thrifter? Have you been getting worried about the lack of vintage options so far? Have no fear—we’ve saved that for last! Our pink pick for vintage is KIKI2. Located in the bohemian area of Koenji, KIKI2 is one of the most kawaii thrift stores we’ve ever seen! As you walk in, you’re met with a mannequin draped head-to-toe in the sweetest shades of pink. But there are also many pieces that you can easily incorporate into a more casual outfit. If you like your streetwear but appreciate a dab of pink here and there, there’s plenty of cool coats and sneakers from the 1980s that incorporate pink with other colours. This thrift store’s range is eclectic—so it’s easy to mix and match styles. There’s a bit of minimalist, kawaii, edge, and much more!



And there you have it, our top picks for shopping pink in Tokyo! No matter what your style, you’re bound to find something pink that tickles you. Do you have a preferred pink? Or do you like to mix-and-match? Be sure to let us see your PINKspirations by hashtagging your snaps with #thecommoffline on Instagram!


Written by Kay.

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