Where to Shop: Marumi Shouten

Thrifting in Tokyo can be such a hit or miss. The cheap shops tend to carry less trendy clothes, while the expensive ones kind of miss the point of “thrifting”.

Enter Marumi Shouten. The prices are just right—they offer a student discount as well as certain discounts for the weather (for example, the day I went in they were offering a “rainy day discount”!).

The clothes however, are the biggest draw. They feature a lot of vintage 70s fashion, but what makes it so unique to me is that most of them are from exclusively Japanese brands. Not only does this make for more fun, unique pieces that you wouldn’t find in the States, but it helps embody the look of 70s Japan—and who wouldn’t want that?



The store is off of a little side road in Nishi-Waseda, and I immediately spotted it due to this amazing red jacket out front.

The store itself is also just full of fashion inspiration, as the walls and mannequins are all decked out in merchandise. They’ve also got adorable toys and trinkets on display to really set the vintage mood.




As for the staff—they are more than friendly! The cashier at the time was a man named Yochi who I had a lovely chat with. Despite his apologies for his English, it was absolutely perfect and we talked about New York City as he had recently visited. Turns out, he loves one of my favourite thrift stores in NYC: L-Train Vintage! I was so excited to talk to him and hear his recommendations, and would definitely go back just to hear his perspective on clothing.

While there were SO many great finds at this shop, Tokyo has really been hard on my budget so I had to settle for just one thing. Luckily, it was this amazing red and blue vintage top from the 70s. I love how the bright red is broken up by the blue stripes, something I think gives it a very sporty and youthful feel. It also adds a unique twist to the outfit—especially the shoulder detailing, which is something I haven’t seen before. I also love the logo and arrow detailing on the chest and the arms which give it a graphic punch. Although I tried to find if the brand was listed online, I was not successful.



Overall, I’d highly recommend Marumi Shouten for your next
thrifting adventure. They can
be found on Twitter and Instagram @marumishouten
and emailed at


Written by Katie Wong

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