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Goth in Japan can be interpreted in many different ways. Gothic Lolita reimagines Victorian fashion, while modern goth emphasises oversized black T-shirts and accessories. And where there’s a demand, you are sure to find a supply. There are tons of shops in Tokyo that cater to these various sub-subcultures or mix them up in inventive ways. The COMM has put together some of the must-see goth boutiques in Tokyo to help you navigate your way around the city’s goth fashion scene.


Image courtesy of Never mind the XU.

Never mind the XU

Located in LaForet, Never mind the XU is a store that will surprise even the most hardcore rebel! With everything from harnesses to loud graphic sweatshirts and bold bracelets, this shop even has passers-by doing a double take! Never mind the XU also offers more low-key pieces like denim jeans and chill T-shirts for those of us who want to rebel a little quieter so drop by if you ever find yourself in Shibuya.



Image courtesy of Noble Noir.

Noble Noir

The epitome of occult goth fashion, Noble Noir stocks corsets, jewellery, coffin-shaped bags, and braided hair extensions that can take any outfit from plain to magical. This store is sure to please any magician or techno-wizard with its supernatural apparel. While Noble Noir has had to shut its doors because of the COVID-19 pandemic, they are working hard to set up an online store. Long story short: keep your eyes peeled and your ear to the ground!



Image courtesy of Sex Pot Revenge.

Sex Pot Revenge

With a name like Sex Pot Revenge, you know that you’re in for a wild ride. Drawing inspiration from Vivienne Westwood’s seminal punk shop SEX, Sex Pot Revenge is proving itself to be a must-see place for anyone looking to add a punky edge to their wardrobe. The shop’s curated style is dominated by fishnets, crosses, and chains, while the interior highlights an industrial backdrop with neon lights to give the store a warehouse rave vibe. DISCLAIMER: If you don’t enter wanting to destroy the Man, you most certainly will when you leave Sex Pot Revenge.



Image courtesy of hellcatpunks.


While Hellcatpunks’ overall vibe might be a little “clean” compared to some of the other stores we’ve talked about, they more than make up for it with their clothing. Hellcatpunks’ artful tartan designs can add some much-needed toughness, while their pentagram-inspired bags can perfectly round off a look for the witching hour. Whatever your goth, punk, or grunge self is looking for—Hellcatpunks is the place for you!



Image courtesy of Deorart.


Deorart is a brand that is described by its designers as a “A demonic castle in which every room is either draped in skeletons or angels”. This sentiment certainly holds true with its clothing. From androgynous T-shirt dresses to loose fitting jackets, Deorart draws inspiration from a more traditional era of goth. Black is the name of the game and horror is key! While Deorart does not have a physical store, their stockists can be found on their website and they ship internationally!



From Traditional Goth to punk, dark styles are ever present in Japanese street fashion, and we hope you’ve enjoyed this rundown of some of the must-see goth shops in Tokyo! Have we inspired you to take your first steps into the wonderful world of goth? Or do you think we missed something? Maybe you just want to say that you liked this article! We want to hear from you, so don’t forget to leave a comment below!


Written by Daniel.
Featured image courtesy of Tokyo Fashion.


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