Where to Shop: Clothes for a New Future

Space travel, the future, and technology—these are just some of the ideas that have had a ground-breaking influence on fashion. Designers and brands regularly explore the intersection of technology and style in order to push the boundaries. Check out this list of some of the brands re-imagining the future of fashion with otherworldly statement pieces and space-ready futuristic co-ords.


Image courtesy of Chloma.


Based in Tokyo since 2011, Chloma is the brainchild of Junya Suzuki and Reiko Sakuma. Chloma is more than your average cyber clothing label and has consistently blurred the lines between the virtual world and reality with VR. Chloma’s space-age pieces explore technology, the Internet, and virtual characters. The brand has collaborated with the Japanese contemporary artist Kazuki Umezawa, as well as Pixiv, Styly, and Porter Robinson. If you love cyber fashion and VR, Chloma is definitely worth checking out.



Image courtesy of @yokaicandy via Instagram.

Yokai Candy

Yokai Candy is a cyberpop brand that creates handmade accessories for all kinds of Japanese street styles. The brand’s signature piece is their colourful neon star-shaped hair-clips, but they also sell rainbow harnesses, spider goggles, neon visors and other quirky accessories. Don’t let the sharp cuts and exceptional detailing fool you—Yokai Candy’s accessories aren’t factory made. Using their very own laser machine, Yokai Candy creates all of their accessories in-house. Feel free to head over to their website for more.



Image courtesy of @grounds.official via Instagram.


If the musical Wicked is known for “defying gravity”, Grounds is known for “leap gravity” (at least according to their tagline). The brand was created by Japanese designers Mikio Sakabe and Yusuke Hotchi under the name “Giddy Up” in 2018. Later rebranded as Grounds, the label has become known for its transparent, bubble-like shoe designs. Their best-selling pieces include “Jewelry” and “Interstellar”. Besides being perfect for casual strolls or busy days, Grounds’ footwear makes walking a breeze while putting comfort at the forefront.



Image courtesy of @demobaza via Instagram.


Created in 2007 by Bulgarian designers Demo and Tono, Demobaza is a high-end casual wear brand that puts a futuristic spin on minimalism. The brand is known for deconstructing sporty silhouettes with soft flowing textiles in a colour palette of desert neutrals. Think: outer space resort wear for a post-apocalyptic world. Their pieces have been worn by Janet Jackson and featured in Men in Black. So, if you’re curious about what it’s like to dress like Rey from Star Wars, Demobaza is the place to go.



Image courtesy of @wearingmaia via Instagram.

Wearing Maia

Wearing Maia is the blueprint for sustainable and colourful futuristic fashion. Their exclusive “one-off diva” pieces are sourced from deadstock, repurposed items, and small businesses in Australia and Japan. The brand also incorporates in-house craftsmanship such as embroidery, original stencilling, painting and tapestry into their garments. If you’re thinking of buying sustainable, ultra-modern, and bright co-ords, this is the brand for you.



Written by Vania.
Featured image courtesy of The Carousel.

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