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Shopping can be so stressful sometimes. That’s why it’s important for brands to curate spaces that just make you feel good. For the alternative fashion community, the bedroom is a sacred safe space because that’s where we first begin to explore. Here’s our list of the cosiest “bedroomy” shops to shake up your monotonous shopping routine!


Image courtesy of @mio_daidai via Instagram.

Mio Dai Dai

The cute, country style of this vintage shop in Kōenji takes inspiration from animated musical characters, Raggedy Ann and Andy. Think wholesome yellows and farm-themed toys. Mio Dai Dai has everything from clothes to shoes, jewellery and even room décor. Clothes are available in a variety of cute kitschy designs and “Little House on the Prairie” patchwork patterns. Yee-haw!



Image courtesy of @curios_tokyo via Instagram.

Curios Tokyo

Stylist Nao Koyabu and Mick Hoyle of British shoe brand F-Troupe run this curated retro store in the heart of Shibuya. Selling antique European wedding gowns and frilly, angelic nightgowns, any purchase at Curios Tokyo will have you ready for a post-brunch stroll or lounging in your boudoir. The rose-gold mirror nestled between the dress racks makes for an elegant selfie setup. Live out your best 18th century English rose fantasy in the gentle daydream that is Curios Tokyo.



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Feel in Love!

Step into this 80s themed vintage shop and you will instantly fall in love. Come for the kawaii, Disney dungarees and nylon jackets, stay for throwback Barbie dolls and Furbies. There’s even a pink bunk bed! Pre-loved tees will set you back 3000 yen, while denim bottoms are in the 4000 yen ballpark. This 80s idol bedroom is a mish-mash of memorabilia like children’s toys, bulky Y2K television sets, and Bettie Paige 1950s pin-ups. There’s something for every taste! But why not find out for yourself? Find Feel in Love! on Harajuku’s Takeshita-dōri.



Image courtesy of @menotokyo via Instagram.


Meno wraps customers up in a pillow-soft embrace as soon as they step through its doors. Specialising in classic floral prints, white lace and soft hues, Meno’s speciality is upcycling second-hand garments into new feminine pieces. The shop’s accessories definitely have a fairytale princess vibe preferring gold accents, pearls and amethyst gems (royalty the world over claim dibs on the colour purple, after all). And don’t forget to check out the fabulous jewelled chandelier!



Image courtesy of @virgin_mary_tokyo via Instagram.

The Virgin Mary

Plushies, satin embossed crosses, and twinkling fairy lights. Despite having such a religious name, The Virgin Mary looks nothing like a church. Where is it? Shibuya’s Jingumae district! Everything is covered in lace, pearls or bows. Pray for your bank account because even the accessories have been known to fall in the 6000 yen bracket. Black is (almost) banned while fluffy white bunnies and baby lambs take centre stage. The soothing girl’s bedroom décor will keep you up at night counting sheep until your next pilgrimage.



Image courtesy of @juriankoenji via Instagram.


For that home away from home vibe, consider Jurian in Kōenji. Stocking European handmade, vintage garments, the décor is the perfect complement. Dusty pink parasols, antique oak cabinets and subtle lighting transports you from Tokyo to a mid-century European château. Perfect for finding that picnic-to-tea-party piece or as a refuge away from the bustling city pace.



Image courtesy of Comyu.


Comyu, located in vintage mecca Kōenji, is the kind of shop you’d find in a fairytale. It’s opulent, full of nature, ethereal and apparently totally accessible if you live in Tokyo! This curated shop is a maximalist’s dream, marketed as a princess boutique! Whether you go for bedroom inspiration, to update your retro dress collection, or snap a cheeky outfit photo you’ll be glad you dropped by.



Image courtesy of Anutrof.


Prepare for flowers! Lots and lots of lavender and pressed dandelions. Anutrof, with their extensive Rococo-inspired blouse selection, are pushing grandma-chic as the latest trend. What can we say, some grandmas have cute clothes! This is a great place for Country and Classic Lolita to pick up last-minute accessories and frilly undergarments. Can’t promise you’ll ever want to leave though.



Feel better? All the stress of shopping has disappeared, hasn’t it? When shops prioritise the “cosy-factor” into their décor plans, magic happens. Besides a fluffy cloud, nowhere is more comforting than your bedroom so it’s lovely to bring the bedroom into your shopping life. Did we miss out on any “bedroomy” shops? Leave a comment to let us know what we pressed snooze on.


Written by Ash.
Featured image courtesy of Hotwire.

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