Visit BEAMS Virtual Sentō

Select shop and lifestyle brand BEAMS has always been ahead of the curve. From clothing to music, BEAMS is always branching out beyond fashion. This summer the brand is taking part in an online event called Virtual Market 6 with their very own virtual sentō (public bath).

Virtual Market 6 is an online market and festival where visitors can experience different worlds via virtual avatars. Visiting Virtual Market 6 doesn’t require a VR headset so you can take part using your computer or phone! Each world has a different landscape, deserts, lagoons… you name it, they have it! There are also booths where visitors can purchase virtual items for their avatars. It puts IRL markets to shame!



The BEAMS booth is hosted by HIKKY in World Festi-VR “Core” and in collaboration with Cow Brand Soap. VR visitors can relax at a virtual sentō—free towel included! Perhaps you’ve been interested in bath culture in Japan but you’ve been too embarrassed to enter or live outside of the country—well, now is your chance! BEAMS’ sentō is based on the Kotobuki Yuu sentō in Higashi-Ueno which BEAMS recently gave a makeover and features art by Yamazaki Mari. There will be actual BEAMS staff in attendance as virtual avatars, so don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

To visit Virtual Market 6, register on the VRChat website, download Steam and you’re good to go! Where do you want to visit the most in Virtual Market 6?



Written by Choom.
Images courtesy of Beams Japan.

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