Under the Covers

Tweet! Tweet! Ugh. Can’t those birds shush? Trying to sleep over here! It’s been over a year and most of us are still confined to our homes. Half of the population has productively taken up knitting. The other half has sensibly taken up procrastination. That’s us! The voluntarily bedridden. The boss keeps calling but they’re daft if they think we’re going to ever get out of bed again. Let your head hit the feathery pillow and sink into the cloudy, soft mattress. Float into dreamland and become one with the bed. The world is in chaos, but under the covers is a sanctuary.



Model: @pinkgaijin
Model wears: @s.f_for_you @mitsuhashiaki
Make up and nails: @pinkgaijin

Written by Ash.

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