Ugly Popcorn: The Street Brand That’s Just A Little Bit Ugly

In Japan, working as shop staff in a small clothing store is not quite the same as a retail job at H&M. Staff are hired for their styling prowess, and to raise the brand or shop’s profile. Basically, they’re super fashionable people who look good on Instagram. So when shop staff launch their own creative project, it’s definitely something to get excited about.

Pop, funny, crazy and just a little bit ugly!

Make-up artist, DJ and KIKI shop staff Kanata, and fellow KIKI staff Shizu recently launched an online shop. Its name? Ugly Popcorn! KIKI in Koenji is known for nostalgic Americana with pieces like Super Mario 64 print trousers, ET T-shirts, and Disney-themed accessories. While their sister shop, KIKI2, which is a hit with tourists, stocks Fairy Kei pieces with a nostalgic twist. However, Ugly Popcorn is a far cry from either of these aesthetics!



We interviewed Kanata about his upcoming launch, and of course we started with the most important stuff! Why the name Ugly Popcorn? According to Kanata, he chose the name because he wanted people to have fun with their personal style even if the people around them thought they looked ugly. But where does the popcorn come in? Well, have you ever seen a popcorn kernel pop? It’s like a burst of energy and joy, and that’s what Kanata wants us to keep in mind when it comes to fashion. We totally agree! Kanata and Shizu stock pieces that they describe as, “pop, funny, crazy and just a little bit ugly”—of course. They hope that Ugly Popcorn will be a fun space that everyone can access, especially nowadays when it’s sometimes physically difficult to go out shopping.

So, make a bold fashion statement and tell the world that you don’t care if they think your clothes are ugly (popcorn). Check out Ugly Popcorn on Instagram and support small businesses!



Written by Choom.
Images courtesy of Ugly Popcorn.

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