Trend Report: #thecommoffline

Social media gives everybody the opportunity to be a part of a community. And here, at The COMM, we use social media to inform, connect, and celebrate the Japanese street fashion community—a group of people who are unafraid to be themselves. This issue, we’re exploring social media in the digital age, and so it only makes sense that we’d draw from our very own social media hashtag, #thecommoffline, for our Trend Report. Let’s take a peek at our top picks!


Image courtesy of via Instagram.

Legist Sama

Cosplayer, aspiring designer, model, and vocalist, Legist Sama has a surreal and whimsical dress sense. Incorporating Decora with Gothic Lolita and Punk, her looks are equal parts sweet and bitter. Rose hair clips, rings, clashing nail patterns, facial jewellery, ethereal contact lenses, and very, very long eyelashes are just some of the pieces that make up Legist’s distinctive style. Check out Legist Sama’s instagram for a taste of fairy-chic with a gothic edge!



Image courtesy of @cttn_cndy_hg via Instagram.


Dai describes herself as “kawaii candy queen” meets “anime fantasy cosplayer”. Her entire instagram feed is an explosion of pastel pink, fluffy scrunchies, and glitter! But there’s also an underlying touch of harlequin in Dai’s looks, scroll through her feed and you’re sure to find a ruffle or two. Dai’s style is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland with just a little more pastel. Click below to scroll through Dai’s Instagram!



Image courtesy of @xelavice via Instagram.


If you love calming, artistic instagram feeds, check out Alex (a.k.a. @xelavice)! Her instagram feed invites us into a fantasy world where monochrome sketches exist alongside candid selfies of psychedelic, tie-dye tees and figurine alien chokers. Here, Alex rocks a pair of 90s skater style loose-fitting dungarees.



Image courtesy of @tokyokittendoll via Instagram.

Gretchen Corona

Isn’t Gretchen Corona’s aesthetic such a breath of fresh air? A Tokyo-based model, photographer, and Youtuber, Gretchen incorporates lace embroidered sundresses and lolita-esque gowns with adorable pops of colour to create her signature sweet and pure style. In this #thecommoffline post, Gretchen skillfully pairs a green tea dress with mustard stockings and a belt.



Image courtesy of @megudesublog via Instagram.


French blogger Megu is a huge fan of Japanese yukata and kimono-esque statement pieces. Brown, lace-printed kimono-inspired garments paired with high heels and black accessories, Megu’s contemporary style is regal, goth, and classic. Check out her instagram below!



Written by Ash.

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