Trend Report: Out of this World

Street fashion lovers live to push boundaries and innovate so it’s only natural that they would look to the stars for inspiration. Some play with latex, others Club Kid reimagined. One thing is for sure, their aesthetics are out of this world. Check out some of our top picks!


Image courtesy of @sashafrolova via Instagram.

Sasha Frolova

Sculptor and performance artist, Sasha Frolova has a passion for latex and biomorphic balloon garments. She incorporates innocence and fun into the often fetishized latex. Sasha has been featured in Vogue Russia and has appeared in Moscow Museum of Modern Art’s “latex aerobics” live stream. She led an aerobics class to the tune of classical music in stiletto heels and a latex catsuit. Sasha is definitely putting alternative garments on the map—although that map may not be a map of Earth.



Image courtesy of @gsuoxi via Instagram.


Gsuoxi is a Central Saint Martins student using second-hand materials to create runway-ready pieces. Her bohemian, cyberpunk garments give a glimpse into what fashion could be like in a dystopian future. Gsuoxi’s cyber electric blue and red geometric eyeliner paired with layered marbled necklaces wouldn’t be out of place in a Final Fantasy or Skyrim video game. Her looks are a K.O. everytime!



Image courtesy of @isshehungry via Instagram.


Featured on Vogue’s Extreme Beauty YouTube series, toured and collaborated with legendary Icelandic singer Björk—Hungry’s “distorted drag” is history in the making. Hungry’s curated makeup and garments never fail to lure us into an insect-inspired avant-garde universe! If you love symmetrical forms and detachable butterfly face ornaments, crawl over to Hungry’s instagram.



Image courtesy of @freiheit2348.texas7347 via Instagram.

Kanji Kyouda

Green and royal blue gem encrusted skull face mask, paint splattered torn jeans, paint brushes for fingers, Kanji Kyouda is making waves with his kaleidoscopic aesthetic. Kanji’s co-ordinate are effortless with a fluid, original and upcycled vibe. In this instagram post taken on an eerily dilapidated empty street, Kanji poses as an eccentric painter whose canvas is his body.



Image courtesy of cosmic.caz via Instagram.

Cosmic Caz

Caz is a London-based musician who incorporates cyberpunk and sea punk elements into her personal style. Aquamarine lipstick, high fashion mullet paired with neon crop top and high-waisted shorts makes up a typical co-ord. Her style draws inspiration from London rave culture and the New York Club Kids of the 90s. Dive into her instagram by clicking the link below!



Written by Ash.

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