Trend Report: Let’s Get Digital!

Life is way more fun online. With more creative freedom and digital know-how than ever before, why not build your digital self? It’s more than just slapping a filter onto a selfie. Digital artists curate an entire world free from IRL constraints. Log in and scroll down to browse our top digital artists!


Image courtesy of 2ynthetic via Instagram.


Wintery cool, silver tones coupled with minimalistic looks. Photos of hospital halls from 2050. 2nythetic’s instagram blurs the lines between reality and 3D with creepily realistic imagery. Between the eerie liminal spaces and robot/human selfies, there’s more to 2ynthetic than meets the eye. Is it 2ynthetic wearing those sport-cyber clothes, or a complete rendering of a humanoid body? Who knows! What’s certain is, 2ynthetic is confident when it comes to creating a futuristic fit.



Image courtesy of Maritié via Instagram.


Chilean artist Maritié uses her likeness to create hyper kawaii digital art. Maritié is known for her uncanny selfies that seem untouched—at least at first. Take a closer look and you’ll find it’s 100% digital beauty. She’s a bonafide VR popstar! Think kawaii pop-pink hair, Hello Kitty choker, latex tights, and pastel co-ords. Her style and 3D art equal a bubblegum blast!



Image courtesy of Paola Pinna.

Paola Pinna

Paola Pinna is a 3D artist peeling back the curtain of reality and the virtual. Her instagram feed is a mix of totally normal selfies and totally out there 3D art. Her virtual muses rock pink space-buns, septum rings and butterfly tattoos—polar opposite of Paola’s laidback personal style. Through her art, Paola expresses her creativity and sexuality, and creates powerful and super fashionable women. From angels to aliens, Paola is ready to render them all!



Image courtesy of Stacie Ant.

Stacie Ant

Imagine a Sims game gone awry. Instead of your standard Create A Sim, someone added in a BDSM cheat code. Think whips, latex and chains with pop-culture references thrown in for fun. Stacie Ant even creates augmented reality 3D girls! Stacie creates sexy monster girls who will terrorize as well as mesmerise, so you can step right into Stacie’s world.



Image courtesy of Metal Magazine.

Ines Alpha

Digital art has entered the world of high fashion! Having worked with mega famous models like Euphoria’s Hunter Schafer, brands like Burberry x GQ, and musicians like Charli XCX, Ines Alpha is on top of her game. Her mission is to promote an innovative approach to virtual make-up. Ines uses 3D software and virtual reality to push the limits of make-up. They’re like next level filters! Now how can we get this make-up to stay on in real life?



Fashion and 3D art might be an unexpected pairing, but aren’t you glad that it exists? After all, designers want to satisfy a creative vision sometimes reality can’t deliver. Fashionistas don’t even need to be real! Nowadays, they can be rendered and uploaded in the hottest styles. Who knows, maybe virtual avatars might even start fashion trends? So, don’t log off just yet! Let us know what you think about 3D art’s collision with fashion in the comments section below.


Written by Ash.

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