Toshi Salvino (Dollfille)

Toshi (or Dollfille) has a face you’ve probably seen online before. Toshi’s whimsical makeup looks have gone viral for their unique and magical style. She inspires many to pursue their art by using their body and face as a canvas to push the boundaries of their creativity. In between working at a salon, doing photoshoots and other freelance work, her life is hectic but every day brings a new and fun experience!


What’s a day in the life of Toshi like? You always seem to be working on cool projects, doing photoshoots and going to events!

Honestly every day is different…on days when I work at the salon, I wake up around 9 or 10 and pick out an outfit…something I don’t mind getting bleach or color [on], and very comfy! I like to wear cute patterns and also simple black, amped-up with collars and harnesses, maybe hair clips and bows or a cute hat. Usually I take 30 minutes to get ready on work days. Sometimes I’ll wear a cool but simple makeup, like smudged red eyeshadow (really into Igari and freckled looks with maybe a pastel color lipstick. Simple since I smudge my face while working a lot lol).

Days I don’t work at the salon, I’m usually doing freelance work or doing a photo shoot or event. I like to take 1 or 2 hours to get ready for these days. Sometimes call time is as early as 7am but sometimes I’m lucky and get to sleep in until 2pm… Honestly I get one day off a week or a day or two off every two weeks…I’m very busy and NYC is a hustle lifestyle lol!!! Always tired. I work at a hair salon, dance at a crazy nightclub called House of Yes sometimes, do freelance makeup and modeling as well as events. So there is NO average day!!!

How would you describe your look? Not just your fashion style, but your makeup style too.

I call my style Living Doll. I use my body as a canvas just as an artist/sculptor uses a doll to express a feeling. Because I try out so many different styles, Living Doll lets me experience all of them while remaining the same “me” underneath. Mainly I really like yami kawaii, cult party kei, goth, uniforms, what I like to call “Kowaii” (Creepy Cute), and I have a very strong Lolita and Decora influence, with minor Ero influences like harnesses and collars. One of the strongest influences for me is folklore and magic, so I like to look like a Faerie or magical girl as well.

What is your advice for people wanting to improve their makeup skills and trying to find their makeup style?

My best advice is EXPERIMENT!!! I started makeup when I was like 10 years old!! Be brave, try new things! It’s a guarantee that you will look stupid a bunch so please just do your best, study what works, focus on skin care, and do what feels good!

Apart from fashion and makeup, what are some of your hobbies? Anything particularly unexpected?

I obviously love dolls, dancing, DDR, shooting and fighting video games and going to arcades…I really enjoying driving!! And eating ice cream. I don’t have a lot of time for my hobbies so I am lucky that I love all of my jobs.

If you only had one day to spend in Japan, where would you go and what would you do? 

I would probably spend the day chilling in Shimokitazawa and go to cute cafes or shopping with a lot of friends all dressed up, taking pictures with each other.

Spending quality time with my friends, sharing language and culture and our love of fashion and music and anime is really the most fun for me. <3

What are your future goals and dreams?

I want to become more of a spokesperson and public speaker on mental health and how you can use fashion and artwork to heal and the importance of creative freedom and acceptance. Create more videos, maybe release a book or something. My dreams from childhood are all coming true while I don’t even realize it, so I just try to live life and be grateful for the experiences I get to have unexpectedly!

Any last words?

PLEASE BE YOURSELF! Since there is no one else like you <3




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