Tokyo Love Hotels Vol. 11

No, we’re not talking about those hotels (you know the ones couples sneak off to in the night)—we’re talking about the go-to event in Tokyo! Every month Tokyo Love Hotels opens their doors to the creative youths of Tokyo and gives them a space to express themselves through music, fashion, and art. This month the theme was Halloween, so we got specially dressed up for Tokyo’s hottest party!

The night’s DJ lineup included Dat Smoody, Samantha Mariko, Kalin Law, Chokolate Papi, Frankie $, and SakiSukiSake. The music varied between house and hardcore hip-hop, all of which were crowd pleasers.

Next to the DJ booth was Tokyo Lioness (who has appeared in our PDTYLA shoot!) doing body painting on her model (who also happens to be The COMM’s Social Media Manager!). The body art was really detailed, bold, and definitely worthy of an appearance on Skin Wars!

There was a diverse array of pop-ups, including an oracle card reading booth by Aggelos which The COMM team were quick to make use of! The cost of readings ranged between ¥500 and ¥1500 depending on the degree of insight you wanted. Perfect for Halloween! The lineup also included Cote Mer, a men’s streetwear brand specialising in remake fashion, and Babe Hikari, known for staples such as basic tees with prints of dreamy 90s pop culture icons. And of course, The COMM booth, displaying our best photos from Vol. 1 in a mini gallery and selling our first ever physical zine! Our debut zine contained Choom-selected shoots such as: Océane, Wuma, and Neo Harajuku Girl with Haruka Kurebayashi. But don’t worry, you haven’t missed your chance to get your hands on a copy—the zine will be available to purchase online very soon!

We’ll be doing more pop-ups at events, so be on the lookout for us!


Image courtesy of Tokyo Love Hotels.


Image courtesy of Tokyo Love Hotels.


Image courtesy of Tokyo Love Hotels.


Image courtesy of Choom.


Written by Choom.
Featured image courtesy of Tokyo Love Hotels.

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