Tokyo Girls Collection Goes Virtual

Tokyo Girls Collection, a super popular semi-annual fashion festival that showcases the latest collections of the coolest fashion brands is going digital! With the hottest models, influencers, and live music, TGC is a big deal in Japan, but as we are still in the throes of the COVID pandemic, TGC will once again be hosting its show virtually!

Taking place 4 September at 13:00, fashion fans can attend with phones via a yet-to-be-determined app. After choosing an outfit for your avatar, you can explore TGC’s futuristic-themed space.



The main lobby is filled with booths and spots that will grant access to special features if you interact with them. You can get extra fancy outfits for your avatar and coins that will unlock access to a super special VIP lounge where you can interact with the models after the show.

Brand faves include street-gal staple Evris, the elegant and feminine Rienda, vintage-inspired Lagua Gem, and the ever-cool Moussy. The show will replicate an in-person point of view, so you can cheer for your favourite models and brands as they strut down the runway.



It’s fascinating to see the blurring of the boundaries between the real world and the digital world. Who knows, maybe we’ll be able to project clothing onto our own bodies in the near future! Which collections or acts are you the most excited about seeing?


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Written by Emmie.
Images courtesy of Fashion Snap.

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