Tokyo Fashion Week: Nobuyuki Matsui

The stage was set for a beautiful and emotional display. Matsui’s installation “Water Mirror” was available to view the day before the show itself. A glass installation had been suspended from the ceiling; the pieces shaped like water droplets—but not at all delicate and small as you would expect. The glass tinkled like a wind chime in the breeze. The garments on the floor were in the process of being hand-stitched. I thought it was part of the show and so I watched from a distance but was quickly encouraged to view the exhibition up close while the garments were being sewn together.

The following day was the actual runway show. Due to the small and enclosed nature of the space, the audience were able to view the show up close. The runway was a white sheet laid in between a sea of blue and indigo dyed clothing. The models’ hair drenched as if they had been caught in the rain. The show pieces had a fluidity and practicality. Many of the looks were hemmed asymmetrically and rounded to imitate water. The functionality of the garments could be seen in the fisherman-like silhouette with minimalist fishing vests and waders.



Written by Choom.
Images courtesy of Choom.

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