Think Pink!

Think pink! Think pink!

When you shop for summer clothes.

Think pink! Think pink!

If you want that quelque chose.

                                                —Funny Face (1957)


Part One of our Pink issue, Traditional Pink, not only includes conventional ideas of Harajuku’s pink, but also the pink of a bygone era. This shoot was inspired by an iconic scene from the 1950s musical rom-com Funny Face starring Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn. In the scene, the editor of Quality magazine tells her staff to turn the whole issue pink to add some much needed pizzazz… sound familiar?

We re-imagined what these pink photoshoots would have looked like with all their 50s glamour and glitz, razzle and dazzle, but kawaii-fied! 50s skirts—oh, how fabulous darling! Scroll through our gallery above for the pink experience!


Location: Tokyo Dome
Photographer: @kotetsunakazato

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