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Our fashion show at the ON-1 Collective Vol. 6 event brought together all the themes you’ve seen from Volume 1 of The COMM. With so many different styles in one show, it perfectly expressed what we are all about—showcasing the diverse fashion of the community! Our models represented a theme from issues 1 to 6 with their individual style. Let’s break down their looks and re-introduce the models!


To open the show, we had Chami representing Issue 3 – Kawaii Revolution. Her colourful co-ordinate was the perfect start to our walk. The second she came out, the phones went up!

The outfit was mostly pink with large bold graphics, paired with yellow tights and a translucent, holographic jacket. Her head was decorated decadently with many bows, clips, and other colourful accessories. They may look like a random assortment of things she put on her head, but each fits the theme and colour scheme perfectly.

If you want to find out more about Chami, we did an interview with her in Issue 3 – Kawaii Revolution, so please check it out!




Next up was Pyon. They were representing our first ever issue – The Community. In complete contrast to Chami, Pyon went for a dark look. However, darker colours do not mean understated!

The black, oversized top decorated with faux fur and layered over an extra-long-sleeved shirt added a mature grace to our otherwise over-the-top show—proving you don’t have to be loud to make a statement. The colour scheme of black and gold ran through each component of the ensemble: a sliver of gold was added to the centre of Pyon’s black lip, while their undercut had a touch of neon gold to complete the look.

If you want to read an interview with Pyon, please take a look at their article here in Issue 1 – The Community!



Our third model was Wuma representing Issue 4 – Cyber. She turned up the neon colours, patterns, and accessories to the max!

The look was layers and layers of clashing motifs, patterns, and fabrics—things you would find at a craft store plastered all over her outfit. It’s hard to believe that all these things would complement each other—let alone be a runway ensemble—but Wuma achieved both effortlessly. The look was “street fashion: elevated”, and as such it didn’t feel out of place for this event at all! Who says you can’t make fashion out of Daiso goods?

To see more of her out-of-this-world looks, check out our photoshoot from Issue 4 – Cyber!




Next on the runway was Ichika, also representing our Cyber Issue. Of course, many styles exist under one label and Ichika showed hers to a T. As a huge fan of rave music, she combines rave culture with her fashion and the result packs a punch!
The process of getting ready took 4 hours—true dedication to a show lasting around 10 minutes!—but it was totally worth it. The outfit itself had bare (but colourful!) main components: a mini skirt and bralet. Instead, it was the accessories that were the main focus of the look. Ichika’s kandi bracelets ran all the way up her arms, each a symbol of a past connection through PLUR (the raver’s motto: Peace, Love, Unity, Respect), stunning the audience as she danced along the walk, waving them with her kandi necklaces and belt in tow. She really brought the rave to the runway!

For more of Ichika, take a look at her shoot in neon paradise, featured in Issue 4 – Cyber.




Anji of Salz Tokyo was our next model who was representing Issue 6 – Neo Trad. Neo Trad was intended to show traditional garments that had been reinvented to suit the tastes of the current generation. And what better representation than a kimono?

However, this was no ordinary kimono. I mean, have you ever seen a leopard print kimono? Anji is a queen of styling kimono, and she added an edgy flair to a somewhat demure garment. The obi, accented with red and gold, brought out the animalistic nature of the print. Other accessory points were a white harness and red collar, which are things not normally worn with kimono—but that’s exactly what Neo Trad is all about: reinterpretation and updating traditional looks! Her hairstyle was both unusual yet something you could imagine worn by ladies of the Japanese imperial court in bygone days.

To see Anji’s work check out her feature in Issue 6 – Neo Trad!



Another model representing our Neo Trad issue was Manon Marguerite! Another designer seeking to reinvent the way we wear kimono, she takes used and old kimono, takes them apart, and puts them back to create ethereal clothes.
Her ensemble for the evening consisted of a pink bow bra and a long skirt with a split leg. She floated down the runway, gracefully showing off the kimono fabric  in all its glory! There was added trimming here and there, but the main show was the simple delicate fabric of the kimono. Since Manon’s pieces are all handmade and fabric is limited (one kimono makes 1 or 2 pieces of clothing!) her outfits are pretty unique, so you’re unlikely to see something like it on a runway!

We featured Manon and her brand Strawberry Skies in Neo Trad, so take a look to see more of her designs!



Finally, rounding off our runway was me, Choom. My outfit was not a particular representation of a single issue—it was actually inspired by The COMM itself and its logo colours of pink and green/turquoise.
To be honest, I just combined my love of plastic clothes with the logo colours and an outfit came out of it. I really wanted to let the other models shine more and properly represent the community I love so much. Although I am the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, it’s fun to go undercover as one of the models sometimes, because no one in the audience ever suspects a thing!

Thank you to all the models who participated! You turned out absolutely stunning looks and made this such a memorable milestone for The COMM.

IMAGE CREDIT: Gallery images 4, 5, 6, 7 by Issei Makabe

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