The Influencer

She’s everyone’s favourite “Good Vibes Only” insta girl—and she’s got a colour-popping wardrobe to match! Style is everything to her, and she changes her’s faster than you can double tap. She doesn’t follow trends—she creates them! Maybe a neon multi tracksuit for her #morningmotivation post. Or a skin-tight, vinyl dress for #instadaily. Selfies are ALWAYS taken with the dog filter, and losing her iPhone is her worst nightmare—ever! What’s on the agenda for this week? Who knows? Perhaps a scuba diving trip in The Philippines, or shopping for cute chokers in Harajuku. Whatever it is, her followers are waiting with bated breath!



Photo editing: using PicsArt app
Instagram filters: Hanne’s phone @hannezaruma, Butterfly @ilovediany

Written by Ash.

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