The COMM’s Guide to Dating

So you’ve met someone and now it’s time for that all important first date. But there are so many dos and don’ts when it comes to dating. Here are some tips for how to make it through those first date nerves.


1. DO dress comfortably. DON’T wear the outfit you’ve been wearing the whole week. (That’s a little too comfortable.)


2. DO talk about interests and hobbies. DON’T mention your 100+ plushie collection on the first date.


3. DO take the lead. But DON’T force them to only go where you want to go!


4. DO go somewhere romantic. DON’T go to a love hotel—it’s the first date, remember!


5. DO have a nice meal together. DON’T forget to share.


6. DO be yourself! DON’T try to be anyone else.


Follow this quick and easy guide, and you’ll be sure to get a second date!


Model: @dju_praya

Written by Choom.

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