The COMM Interstellar

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome aboard Flight 2020. This is your Captain speaking. Our flight duration will be 93 billion light years and our estimated time of arrival will be 5.000.03 local time. Our cabin crew are ready to assist with any needs you may have (unless you’re wearing florals in Spring). We’ll be flying over famous landmarks, such as Area 51 and The Bermuda Triangle before taking a sharp right turn and exiting through the Earth’s atmosphere. Ugg boots and clashing patterns are not permitted while the aircraft is in flight. The weather at our destination is a sensible 23.33333o C. Thank you for choosing The COMM Interstellar as your evacuation airline and enjoy your flight.



Model: @goooonpippi
Styling: @domsyn
Photographer: @ji_ryuu
Make up: @_san_chan

Written by Ash.

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