The Casual

Keep it casual with THE CASUAL, a “social entertainment hybrid” that immerses you in the world of international street fashion and culture from Tokyo. What’s social entertainment you ask? Well, we at The COMM knew you’d be asking just this question—probably because we asked ourselves the same! And so we did a little investigating.

Social entertainment fuses social media with lifestyle and culture to give you a much more engaging online experience. For Reggie Casual—creator of THE CASUAL—this means giving viewers of his YouTube channel a whole new perspective on street fashion that aims to encourage a well-rounded global community of street fashion and culture, and freedom of expression. He covers anything from the history of Japanese street fashion to Hiroshi Fujiwara’s The Conveni and various ongoing debates in the street fashion community. Want to know how to start a streetwear brand? Or maybe you’re wondering what the hype is about Virgil Abloh?—this is your guy! But his videos aren’t just informative, they’re crazy funny, too! Check out great playlists like WTH is…, THE STATE, or UNSCRiPTED to see what we mean.

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