When you think of working in the fashion business, maybe the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” comes to mind: the intimidating boss, the stressful demands placed upon you to be perfect, the basis that all that matters is aesthetic…

Welcome to The COMM’s office. Here you’ll find no drama, no miscommunication, and no missed deadlines. After all, once you get a bunch of creatives all in one place, what could possibly go wrong? Whether it’s Choom, the badass boss lady, being totally unimpressed by new girl Vania; the writers complaining to Dasha in HR about Ecre, the demanding deputy editor; or Gaelle and Angelina, the social media goths, acting too cool for the pink sweetheart Lina, we had so much fun playing around with our “characters” on this shoot!

Check out the fun shoot above as we imagine an exaggerated version of our team in the office!



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Written by Kay, translated by .

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