TeamLab Sauna in Roppongi

Tokyo is teeming with museums and galleries, perfect for anyone looking for some creative inspiration. One of the most popular exhibitions in Tokyo has to be TeamLab’s Borderless exhibition in Odaiba, a one of a kind, immersive art experience. TeamLab art collective are constantly creating and expanding on their projects and their latest offering is quite unusual!

TeamLab is combining their digital art with a sauna for their upcoming exhibition TeamLab Reconnect: Art with Rinkan Sauna Roppongi. Their aim is to create a sauna experience in which the viewer is relaxed and open to reconnecting with the art, mind and body. So far they have revealed two of the six installations that will be a part of the exhibition. The first, Levitation, features a giant, floating, red ball in the centre of a room. The second, Proliferating Immense Life, showcases the passing seasons through the blooming and withering of flowers.


Image courtesy of TeamLabs.

Image courtesy of Moshi Moshi Nippon.

The exhibition will be open from March 2021 to August 2021. It will be interesting to see how TeamLab adheres to coronavirus precautions, considering a sauna is very hot so it might be hard to breathe with a mask on. We shall see!

What other combinations of art and daily life would you be interested in experiencing? Let us know in the comments below!


Written by Choom.
Featured image courtesy of TeamLab.

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