Talking Heavy Metal, K-Pop and Tattoos with “Princess from Hell” Lorna

Heavy metal with a side of K-Pop, please. Self-crowned “Princess from Hell” Lorna, perfectly combines gothic style with kawaii. That means lots of pink, black, piercings—and plushies! From alternative make-up tutorials on Instagram to TikToks debunking elitist myths about music, Lorna stands tall in an online space where everyone is fighting for attention. We caught up with Lorna to find out more.


How did you discover your personal style?

I would say it probably started in middle school for me, a mix between the music I was listening to and my friends. One of my best friends introduced me to Cannibal Corpse and Slipknot, but we also listened to a lot of Britney Spears and NSYNC.

Your make-up is really colourful! How does it sit with your darker aesthetic?

I think they mix pretty well together. I never really liked to stick to one thing or one style. While I have a darker musical taste, I also love stuffed animals and bright colours. My style is always evolving because I’m inspired by so much so that’s why I look like two aesthetics mashed together.

Did you ever have any difficulties expressing your style?

Definitely in the beginning but now I’m at the point where I feel like it’s do or die. I don’t really care about what people think about me. If I wasted my time caring about what people thought about me then I wouldn’t be spending that time to live my life the way I want to.



Do you ever get strange reactions from others because of your style?

All the time! Especially if I’m out in public at a grocery store or something. A lot of older people stare at me or rush to get out of the same aisle, but every now and then I’ll have little kids come up to me saying I remind them of a show or character they like which I love.

K-Pop and heavy metal aren’t music genres you normally see together. What do you like about the two?

Well, for me metal is just my roots. I love it, it really solidified who I was going to become in my early years of life. It’s how I met my friends, I would go to shows and connect with people in the scene and when you have a heavy past of being bullied, that becomes your safe zone.

K-Pop came about when I would feel bashed for my lack of “femininity”. Having a mohawk, going to shows and being rebellious weren’t really considered femine attributes when I first started doing it. I started paying attention to K-Pop because I love feeling like a princess, and I love to dance and feel pretty. I just felt like K-Pop was “girl power” wrapped up in a package. It got me interested in clothes, fashion and make-up for sure. Being involved in both of those scenes probably made for a very interesting person.

Tell us a bit about your tattoos. Any interesting stories behind them?

My tattoos are just phases in my life. I feel like my body is my story. Whether there’s a significant meaning behind each one or not (because there aren’t for a lot of them). I feel like they’re markers in time.



How do you feel about the online alternative fashion community right now?

I see styles from when I was a kid coming back and I personally love it! I love that in this day and age there’s a lot of body positivity and there’s less backlash for wearing whatever you want! I remember in the early 2000s that wasn’t a thing. We didn’t even really have the internet community like we do now and at the touch of a button you can connect with people within the fashion community. Tell me that’s not amazing!

You’ve spoken about your frustration with “gatekeepers”. Why is it so important for you that there is openness within alternative fashion and beauty?

You can imagine that growing up in the alternative community wasn’t easy for an LGBTQ+ POC woman. It was my safe space among the LGBTQ+ and POC community but that did not mean it was easy. We’re in a time now where the community is a lot LESS homophobic and sexist, but we’re not all the way there yet. I basically just want to use my platform to tell others to not EVER let someone tell you what you can like or do. It’s YOUR life! You be who YOU want to be!



What are your future goals and dreams?

To be honest I just want to have a successful YouTube channel. I just want to make music and do fashion/make-up all day and not have to work at my regular job anymore. I work 12hr shifts at an urgent care centre and that makes it hard to pursue my dreams but I’m doing it for sure. I just know I’m meant for more than that.

What are your top 5 fashion must-haves?

Glitter. Fishnets. Platforms. Eyeliner. Chokers.

Any last words?

You are beautiful, you are valid and be whoever you want to be. Don’t give up! You’re special.


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Introduction and questions by Ash.
Images courtesy of Lorna.

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