Tabesugita: What’s on the Menu?

Tokyo is full of young talent and fashion creatives. Recently, Pio aka @tabesugita launched her own brand, also called Tabesugita (which means “I ate too much”). Rather than using collections to display her pieces, Pio has opted for a multi-course menu. First up is the “Appetizer”, a small capsule collection consisting of playful twin sets, girly socks and neon accessories. We sat down with Pio to ask more about what’s on the menu!



“Retro, Harajuku, colourful” are the words that spring to mind when summing up Tabesugita’s core aesthetic. Japanese born-American Pio says she wanted her collection to emulate “retro runway looks and the modern Harajuku scene”. That’s easy to see with the bold colour schemes and 90s inspired silhouettes. Each piece from Tabesugita is a historical fashion moment with a Harajuku touch.

Through her designs Pio wants to help people feel more confident in what they’re skin and be able to express their individuality. As for the main course, she’s hoping to dish up more styles and sizes that suit anyone and everyone! We can’t wait to see what Pio will cook up next!

Head over to Tabesugita’s Instagram to view their newly launched capsule collection and don’t forget to follow and support Pio. Also, if you’re a fashion creative who would like to be featured by The COMM get in touch with us!



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Written by Choom.
Images courtesy of Tabesugita.

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