Suzune + Ayane

If you’re looking for the quintessential Harajuku look, search no further than the twins Suzune and Ayane! From first sight you’re met with an explosion of bright colours and all things kawaii. Their styles are totally colourful and girly, and they often wear matching co-ords! Suzune and Ayane’s Instagrams are colour-coordinated in a way that many of us can only dream of—featuring rainbow-hued hangouts, toys, and food that perfectly embody their fun, bright styles! Check out the shoot in the gallery and let us know what you think! Check out the shoot in the gallery and let us know what you think!


Please introduce yourself!

Suzune: I’m Suzune, I’m 18 years old and I go to Bunka Fashion College. ❤️?
Ayane: I’m Ayane, I’m 18 years old and I go to Nichibi Beauty School. ❤️?

What does pink mean for you?

S: It’s a colour I absolutely adore—it’s like it’s a part of me. ?
A: I’ve always loved the colour! It brightens my day. ?



Who is your style inspiration?

S: I’m super inspired by Jenny Fax—it’s a brand I really admire—and it’s my dream to one day wear something from the collection. ❤️
A: I wear anything that gets my heart racing with my own Ayane touch, but my love for this kind of fashion began with the visual concepts of the TEMPURA KIDZ. ?

What do you love about Harajuku?

S: It’s a place where everyone shines wearing whatever they want. ?
A: I love it because it’s a place where you can wear what you want—you can be your true self. ?


What are your future goals and dreams?

S: I want to have my own brand. Some people aren’t quite brave enough to enjoy this kind of fashion. I want to give them hope and courage—even if it’s only with a small thing. I’m into my music so I also want to become the world’s most kawaii DJ! ?
A: I want to become a hair stylist who sets imaginations on fire with her styles. I also want to become an amazing DJ who’s able to incorporate their own visual concepts into their performances. ?

Top 5 pink fashion must-haves?


?A pink pannier
?A pink check dress that my friend made for me
?Pink lingerie
?Pink trousers from Little Sunny Bite
?A Cabbage Patch backpack


?Pink lingerie
?Pink tulle trousers
?A flower hair clip
?A pink vintage T-shirt
?A pair of heart-shaped earrings

How pink do you feel today?

S: 200%. ????
A: My heart is at MAX! ???


Location: Tokyo Dome
Models: @oyasumi0220 @ayane_ide
Photographer: @kotetsunakazato

Suzune’s Instagram
Ayane‘s Instagram


Written by Katie, interview translated by Anna.

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