Style then – Decora

I was inspired by the iconic Decora fashion captured on the pages of FRUiTS magazine in 90s Harajuku. Decora is often thought of as the style where you have to over-accessorise, layer as much on as possible and be as over-the-top as you can. But taking the example of the kids of the 90s and of course, Tomoe Shinohara, Decora style doesn’t have to be so extreme. The original style has a very handmade feel and is more about a vibrant colour palette with accessories that are meant to accentuate, not to take over, your entire look. I tried my best to imitate the style in this photo shoot!


Location: Harajuku
Model: Choom
Photography: @sho_makishima
Clothing and accessories: MYOB NYC
Shoes: Buffalo

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