Streetwear… But Make it Kawaii!

The streetwear style introduced in this issue is a far cry from styles previously featured on The COMM like Lolita, Fairy Kei, or Decora—but now is the time to experiment! Step outside your comfort zone into an equally comfy zone of sweatshirts and tracksuits! You can easily mix and match your current wardrobe with elements of what you’ve seen from our features and photoshoots.

Streetwear is a subculture dominated by dark colours. Basically black, black, and more black! We want to add a little more vibrancy to the mix. Forget having one accent colour—how about making the whole outfit colourful? Instead of all-over Fendi how about head-to-toe floral print? Streetwear… but make it kawaii!


Location: Nishi-waseda
Model and styling:
Photographer: @ecrecrecre
Assistance and BTS photography: @anna.boat.prem

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