Spank!—Welcome to the shop where time stood still. “When did it stop?” you ask? We’ll give you a clue: Madonna, Back to the Future, and mixtapes! That’s right, it’s the 80s! The decade of glam rock, Grace Jones, and blue eyeshadow—except in this shop you’ll find a very different version of the 80s. There’s lace, tulle, and a bracelet… or fifty. Spank! is all of those things in ice cream tones. The originator of the early 2000s style of Fairy Kei carries both vintage and handmade items to suit your kawaii needs! So whether it’s candy-sweet bracelets or a gossamer-lilac nightie, Spank! has got something for you. Check out our pink-themed shoot in the gallery and let us know what you think!


Location: Spank!
Model: @rarirurerococo


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