Shibuya Harajuku Fashion Festival presents me school <未展><来来来展>

Well known fashion school “me school”, founded and spearheaded by designers Mikio Sakabe and Keisuke Yoshida, presented their students’ latest collections during Shibuya Harajuku Fashion Festival. An unsuspecting office building in Shibuya became the location for an avant-garde presentation. The overall theme for the collections was an idea of the future, split into two sides. One for hope and one for love. The designers hope that spectators can connect with the work and feel some kind of energy for a new future.



The clothing was showcased in conceptual booths, capturing each designer’s world and vision. From home life, to school, to the metaverse, there was an array of visions for the future. Each concept was separate yet made sense as a part of the whole. As we took photos the models either looked or interacted with us, bringing the clothes and exhibition to life.


Here is a full list of the featured designers!

@haruho0o / @kachikachikojikoji

What is your vision of the future?

Written by Choom.
All images by The COMM.

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