Seiya Ohta

Successful instagrammers have a signature, whether it’s modelling, make-up or editorial work. So that begs the question: Can you blow up if you’re dipping your toes into a bit of everything? Meet Seiya Ohta—the guy who does it all. He produces an array of content for Instagram and TikTok, and has his own “brand” of e-boy. E-boys are often characterised by chiselled jaws, middle-parted hair, and “come hither” poses—but not Seiya Ohta. His instagram feed acts as a portfolio for his professional work, while his TikToks concentrate more on experimental and artistic video editing with retro undertones—imagine VHS effects, old cameras, and music from the 80s.

Often seen sporting a neon-coloured mane, Seiya is known for a personal style that combines brightly coloured polo shirts with black, baggy tracksuits. He models, DJs, works as a make-up artist, and a hairstylist in swanky salon chain Less Is More. Check out his instagram and you’re sure to find striking works of art like a sparkly eye look inspired by Salvador Dali’s painting “The Persistence of Memory”. His work, often reminiscent of abstract art, is a fresh celebration of youth culture. He’s been featured in Vogue, Numéro Tokyo… the list goes on. It’s easy to see why Seiya Ohta is regarded as a creative powerhouse by his peers and big fashion names alike.


Image courtesy of Seiya Ohta via Twitter.

Seiya’s also been trying his hand at creative direction. NUTSACK, a curation project by Seiya Ohta, presents a portfolio of glossy high fashion shoots juxtaposed with hazmat suits and spray paint collages. The former being a tongue-in-cheek nod to the COVID-19 pandemic.

An extremely creative Tokyo boy, Seiya is a leading voice amongst the youth of Japan. “I don’t like the fact that work—that can be done by anyone!—can be called art based on the argument that it’s ‘intentional’”, writes Seiya in a recent instagram post, “I want to create pieces that are meticulous even when they’re unconventional and full of dynamism.” Long story short, Seiya Ohta isn’t a person who follows rules—he makes them. Whether it’s fashion, make-up, art or music, Seiya is clearly a man of many talents. His artwork explores culture and acts as a piece of social commentary, which makes Seiya Ohta one to watch.



Written by Kay.
Featured image courtesy of Drop Tokyo.

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