Say Hello to Gyaru Blogger Lizzie Bee!

Gyaru blogger and Youtuber Lizzie (aka @hellolizziebee) is probably the bubbliest gyaru. Ever. This UK-based himekaji gyaru (hime means princess and kaji means casual) is always giving advice to international gyaru on social media and YouTube. And when she’s not attending gyaru events, Lizzie can be found making videos about bubble tea, or updating her glittery pink blog. We caught up with her to chat about life as a gyaru!


Please introduce yourself.

Hey cutie! I’m Lizzie and I’m a gyaru from the UK. My main style is himekaji which translates to “casual princess”! I am also co-leader of UK gyarusa QueenE, and I share my gyaru life through my blog and YouTube channel. This includes the outfits I wear, the people I meet, and the things I’ve learnt along the way.

How long have you been a gyaru and how did you get into it?

Once upon a time in 2010 I was into Lolita, but I did not really feel comfortable wearing it and I, quite frankly, was awful at it so I was just browsing around and that was when I found out about this fashion called “hime gyaru”. I loved how they did their eye makeup, so I decided to dig further and that was when I found the magical world of gyaru. Everything just clicked into place! It’s been 10 years since I first started gyaru but I’m still finding new things about it. It’s a never-ending journey!



What did you think about gyaru style the first time you discovered it?

What I loved about gyaru was that it didn’t feel like I was putting on a costume like Lolita did. I could easily just grab the things from my wardrobe (which was great at the time as I didn’t have a job so couldn’t afford to go out and buy brand).

According to your website, you “blog like it’s 2010”. How has the gyaru community changed since you first started?

In terms of blogging, it has changed dramatically! There aren’t many bloggers nowadays because we have other social media accounts like Facebook, Discord and Instagram. Back in 2010, we only really had blogs, so we would share everything on there. When I say that I “blog like it’s 2010”, well… It’s kind of a long story. Because of the lack of gyaru bloggers a few years ago, my blog slowly changed in order to fit into the “normie” blogger crowds.

But I wasn’t happy. I focussed too much on trying to create “good” content and it was super stressful especially because I was only a hobbyist blogger and not trying to make a living. It took the fun out of it. Then one day I snapped and reverted back to my 2010 ways: using super cute pixel art, doing daily blogs, and sharing the things that I love sharing instead of things that I think others would perceive as “good content”.

Which gyaru do you take inspiration from? What brands do you love to wear and why?

My inspirations change all of the time, but my current favourites are Rie Matsuoka, Chie Yoshikawa, Kumicky and Satomin. I absolutely adore pre-2011 Liz Lisa. Wearing those clothes makes me feel cute and sexy at the same time!



What advice would you give to an aspiring new gyaru?

For the love of Tsu-chan: DO YOUR RESEARCH. We are fortunate to have the internet at our fingertips so please, please, please research gyaru, look up makeup tutorials, and flick through online magazines.

Tell us about gyaru-sa “QueenE”.

QueenE was formed back in 2017 and we are made up of five members: myself, Danielle (who is also co-leader), Kei, Rachel and Risa. We try to meet up every now and then and just hang out like gyaru would do in Japan! We have done para-para workshops in the past at Hyper Japan as well as gone on fashion shows to spread our love for gyaru.

What are some of your fondest memories of attending gyaru meet-ups?

Seeing everyone for the very first time! It’s a surreal moment, especially when you’ve spent months—or even years—talking to each other over the internet. I also loved getting ready in a tiny hotel room and singing (quite terribly) at the karaoke bar while stuffing my face with food. Gosh, I really miss going to gal meets!



Your YouTube video edits are so fun! What’s the best part of filming and editing?

Awh, thank you so much! I absolutely love filming videos, especially if I’m with my husband or my friends, because I feel a lot less pressure to be perfect! And I’ll be honest with you… I despise editing but adding cute little sound effects makes it worthwhile, haha.

You make fun style swap YouTube videos. Which Japanese street styles have you never tried but want to?

You know what? I’d love to try Lolita again, because I can’t really class my first attempts as actually Lolita (I think I attempted to make one skirt and I paired it with a cheap looking blouse so… ) I’d also love to try Fairy Kei!

Tell us about something you are currently obsessed with!

I’m OBSESSED with Hello Kitty, and I feel like that obsession is going to be an on-going thing. I also love getting my nails done.

Any last words?

Don’t give up! Gyaru might seem a bit daunting at first, but honestly, it’s worth it.


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Introduction and questions by Ash.
Images courtesy of Lizzie.

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