Santiago Artemis Tokyo Showcase

Argentinian designer Santiago Artemis recently showcased his latest work at the Embassy of Argentina in Tokyo. In our interview with the flamboyant designer Santiago mentioned a desire to exhibit a collection in Tokyo, and he seems to have manifested his dream very quickly! His collection retold the story of feuding families and 80s fashion from the cult soap opera Dynasty, a television programme he often cites as one of his main inspirations. Shoulders were big and powerful, dress trains were long, and of course: sequins! There is no fabric more dramatic than the sequin—and Santiago lives for the drama! The designer posed with models like a pro standing tall in heeled boots and a tartan one-piece. Santiago Artemis is a rising designer who should be on your radar, so be sure to check out his upcoming Netflix documentary: No Time for Shame.


Image courtesy of Issei Makabe.


Image courtesy of Choom.


Image courtesy of Choom.


Image courtesy of Choom.



Written by Choom.
Featured image courtesy of Issei Makabe.


  • 07/11/2020
    Daniel Devitt

    I love Santiago’s story and being!! Netflix series is fabulous. A real look into the fashion world I loved seeing. Thanks Santiago! I say better late in response than never!


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