Sammy Kechappu

From head-to-toe, Sammy’s style is certainly eye-catching! She loves to accessorise with toys, clips, ribbons, pom poms, and anything that could be found in a kids playroom! Her style may be under the genre of Decora but Sammy has made the fashion her own. A lot of her accessories are handmade and she even has her own brand called Space Piñata on Etsy! She describes herself as a rainbow monster, but who knew monsters could be this cute??


How did you discover Decora fashion?

I discovered Decora fashion in 2011 completely by chance while looking through Google images.

Is there something you wear all of the time?

My white YRU platforms. They go with everything!

What are the major influences on your style?

I would say my influences are Decora fashion-wearers in Japan, honestly though the list is too long!

What would you do if you only had one day to spend in Tokyo?

I would shop!

Apart from fashion, what are your other interests?

I love art, sewing, and playing video games.

Do you have a final message for the readers?

Don’t be afraid to be yourself!




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