Sakuran is a fashion design student with a talent for making anything fashionable—and that is no exaggeration! Sakuran uses cleaning bottles for purses, metal piping as scarves, and cardboard packaging and plastic bags as clothing. In this photoshoot, Sakuran, wearing her trademark trash-turned-treasure aesthetic, is terrorised by Tirezilla in the post-apocalyptic aftermath of our unchecked prosperity. The headdress made of netting, sponges, and more, evokes the melancholy of plastic waste displacing our beautiful ocean life. The sleeves resemble mutations seen in sci-fi films about a poisoned earth. Its shimmery texture is reminiscent of a once bright future not too unlike the space race of the 60s. In a world low on resources and morale, why wouldn’t something like Sakuran’s style catch on?




Location: Nishirokugo Park
Photographer: @misa_kusakabe
Model: @sakuran_is_
Shoot direction:

Written by Cora.

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