Sailor Moon Museum opens in Roppongi

To mark the 30th anniversary of Sailor Moon, one of the greatest shoujo anime’s of all time, Roppongi Museum will host an exhibition dedicated to all things Sailor Moon. The Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon is an absolute must-visit for all hardcore Sailor Moon fans!

There will be over 600 pieces of art to view as well as items and costumes from the 90s and modern day anime, and musicals. From rare original colour drawings, to never before seen illustrations, it’s the perfect opportunity to see the brilliance of Sailor Moon’s creator Naoko Takeuchi. Immerse yourself in the world of the Pretty Guardians with the “immersive experience theatre” and “hologram manuscript exhibit” where you will see images of Sailor Moon blown up to massive sizes alongside famous quotes from the Sailor Scouts.

Along with the exhibition there will be limited edition goods and an onsite café. You can take away your own little piece of Sailor Moon history, or eat a themed cake. The exhibition will be split into 3 volumes: volume 1 (July 1 – September 4), volume 2 (September 10 – November 6), and volume 3 (November 12 – December 30). More details regarding the goods, café and what will be in each volume will be released closer to the time.

Are you excited to visit?

Written by Choom.

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