Remon’s dark, dreamy aesthetic sets her apart from the crowd. Two-toned hair, o-ring collar, fishnet tights, and obsidian frills—Remon really knows how to combine goth and punk with kawaii. But Remon is more than a fashion statement, she’s a mood. She’s the cool chick that everybody can’t help but notice. We asked Remon about her personal style, being a street fashion girl, and her anime-themed instagram!


Please introduce yourself!

I’m Remon. I love gaming and wearing red and black punk fashion.

How would you describe your personal style and how has it evolved?

I think I’d describe my personal style as gothic punk because it has gothic and punk elements. It has a soft feminine touch even while having the edginess of punk. It makes me feel like I’m ready for battle, and allows me to confront the day’s challenges with confidence. It’s been about four or five years since I first got into this style. I still wear gothic punk, but I’ve actively been putting together co-ords based on the colours red and black for the past year or two.



As a street fashion girl, what does being a part of the Harajuku community mean to you?

I haven’t ever really thought about what it means. From the beginning, I always just enjoyed wearing the clothes I liked, going to the places I liked, and hanging out with my friends. But, I’m super happy that the number of people who see me in street snaps and check me out on social media are on the up. I love gothic punk and I want to share its charm and appeal.

This issue we are focusing on street styles like Gothic Lolita and Traditional Goth. Do you think these styles fit into the stereotypical kawaii image of Harajuku?

Absolutely! Kawaii in Harajuku isn’t just colourful styles and Lolita. Street styles with a dark vibe like Gothic Lolita and goth are also a part of kawaii fashion in Harajuku. I think that while it may not have always looked like it, dark styles are still popular genres, and Gothic Lolita, goth and gothic punk all fit in with Harajuku’s kawaii image. They are absolutely essential genres.

Manga speech bubbles, anime stills… Your instagram is a wash of anime and manga influences. Why do you incorporate these images into your instagram?

I’ve always loved subcultures like anime and manga so I just started it thinking that it would be cool to incorporate them into my instagram. I’m not that obsessed with collages, and I only use SFX that work with the image or are emotionally in sync with the moment. But, a lot of my followers are from overseas, so I am aware that [these posts] stand out when people who like Harajuku fashion and Japanese culture see them.



What are your go-to fashion brands?

My absolute favourite is Killstar. From goth to hard punk, they stock a variety of items. There are a lot of designs that beautifully show off my shape so it suits me to a T. I also like brands like Algonquins, Putumayo, h. Naoto, and Glavil by Tutuha—they have contributed [a lot] to Harajuku fashion. These brands are really Harajuku and I like them because they stock a lot of the must-have pieces for a classic punk [look]. It’s sad that some of the brands are no longer around.

What’s the last piece of culture that you enjoyed and why?

I like city pop so I’ve been listening to it a lot lately. I really like the sound. It’s reminiscent of 80s Japan, the Bubble era. I feel like that era was by far the most flamboyant and bold—even compared to these days. You can tell, with a lot of the songs, that the writer is a super confident person. Take love songs for example, you’d expect them to wishy-washy but some of them have really powerful and mature lyrics. I just have to listen to [any] song that has an 80s vibe even if it wasn’t actually released in the 80s. I’m really into it right now!

Any last words?

Thank you for this amazing experience. I’m going to keep on wearing the clothes that I love so wish me luck!


Introduction and questions by Ash.
Images courtesy of Tokyo Fashion, featured image courtesy of @remon1103 via Instagram, photo collage by @nimbus.jelly.

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