Rakuten Fashion Week – pays des fées [電気と魔術] Electricity and Witchcraft A/W 2022

Pays des fées presented their latest collection named “Electricity and Witchcraft” for Rakuten Fashion Week. Inspired by visionary figures such as Nikola Tesla and the idea that new inventions are initially seen as “magic”, pays des fées brings a darker underground culture to light. The eclectic line was showcased alongside a cacophony of electrical pulses and bright lights. The clashing prints, neon colours and witchcraft symbolism made for an eclectic display. The clothing was further enhanced by accessories designer Chelsea Chiyoco whose elaborate headpieces added to the drama of the show. Watch the video to see the strange show come to life!



We were invited to see the pieces up close and even try some on! Our favourite pieces included a long sheer dress with embroidered illuminati-esque motifs, graphic puffer jackets and the red dress with doll parts attached. Totally out of this world! The accessories in particular were reminiscent of the Forest Spirit in Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke.




Written by Choom.
Featured image courtesy of pays des fées.
All embedded images by The COMM.

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